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Hi! I want to enter a contest. Answered

Hi! I'm from South Korea, which is located in Asia. I saw the teacher's contest and I wanted to enter the contest. But the contest said that only US and other few countries can enter it. But I really want to enter a contest! Can Korea also enter a contest? 



Sorry, not right now (it's a long and complicated legal thing).

However, if you enter and win, you could give them the address of a friend in the US, UK or Australia, and then ask the friend to send the prizes on to you.

I am not a teacher, but I can teach people info in a hands on way. Can I enter the contest?

I... think so... I'm a student, but he said that I can enter the contest. And.. I'm preparing for it.. Oh well.. anyway, where are you from??? I'm from Korea.
Ha, It's a small country, but I'm willing to win.