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Hi! I would like to find a way to find A source to get free TV Answered

Something that works instead of paying some cable company 50.00 per month ?

So please anyone out there that is getting free TV send me a e-mail




An antenna and a modern tv can get free tv almost anywhere.

I wish more people thought that way!

I wish more people thought (before posting idiotic questions). Hey! Maybe we should all send the poor sod e-mail about it, since he was also dumb enough to post his e-mail address publicly.

Is it as dumb as putting your picture, your name and where you work in your profile for everyone to see? Especially if you are going to bad mouth them or coax others into sending them email.

There is no such thing as a stupid question.... just because YOU dont know the answer to it. I have built a system that is the ANSWER to this question. It is called an "FTA" satellite dish. (Free-To_Air, and it is LEGAL). You can build an FTA system for LESS than 200 bucks. If you search "FTA SATELLITE" on ebay or youtube, you will find lots of information. My FTA system has a movable 36 inch dish that can swing from one satellite to another. Most satellites up there only have several channels each that you can watch for free. But ONE of the satellites is CRAM PACKED with about 100 channels. it is called GALAXY 19 located at the 97 degree satellite position. Most of the channels are religious channels like CORNERSTONE channel, DAYSTAR, God's learning channel, JCTV, TBN, The Word Network,...etc etc. Plus some other religions besides christianity also. A couple of the channels have movies. I watched SHREK-1 with chinese voice-overs for example on FTA. One of the best channels is AL-Jazeera (in english). They have a lot of human interest stories that are everybit as good as anything PBS shows. Of course, their views are slanted -- but not any worse than any other news station you watch right now. I cant tell you EVERYTHING about this... but one last thing you need to know if you have clear LINE-OF-SIGHT to the skys 97 degree satellite position. If you live in the MIDDLE of the united states near where I live in MISSOURI.... you would look prettymuch directly SOUTH as a compass points. Then Look UP from the horizon at about ALMOST a 45 degree angle. If you see clear sky.... you are OK to pick this satellite up. If you see anything else like trees or buildings then you will NOT get that satellite. If you live further east, west, south or north of this location, then your look-angles will differ somewhat from my directions. If you live ELSEWHERE in the world, you will need to do some research to find what is available in YOUR part of the world. There are more than 100 satellites orbiting the earth that have KU band television signals Not all of them are over the USA. With the FTA satellite setup, you get NO MONTHLY BILLS. Just FREE TV. But dont expect to get HBO or CNN or any of the traditional cable-tv stuff. It takes a little RESEARCH and WORK on your part but it is worth the effort for FTA television.

Do you mean certain programmes or ALL TV channels for free. Isn't there terrestrial TV in your area received with an antenna? The internet has a fair few Tv programmes available on it where I am. If you get the TV programme for free who do you think pays for making the programmes and transmitting it to you?

Where do you live then? L