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Hi I would like to make an automatic feeder for my pigs using an electric motor to control the amount of feed. Answered

I was going to use pvc pipe and a electric window winder motor to open and close a flap at the bottom of the pipe. Can anyone help on how to automatically trigger the motor to open and close the flap once or twice a day for about 10 seconds. (open 10 seconds, allows grain out and then closes to stop any more grain coming out again. Any assistance would be appreciated. I dont know much about electronics. Dan


The motor can be wired through a timer, using a screw may be your best bet.


thanks for your suggestion. I was hoping I could make something that would be inexpensive. Dan

Things cost what they cost; weigh your time (feeding) @ $ per hour against the build cost.


I'd be inclined to make a valve that can rotate ACROSS the flow of grain, rather than a flap.


Hi steve,
Thanks for your reply. Could you suggest how I could do this

I'm thinking of using a piece of a power window opener from a car - you get a nice sector gear and a motor.

Find one of them first, and I can suggest how to modify it for your project - should cost you a couple of dollars from the local junkyard, or a auto repair shop.


here is just something you can make...only bigger

Hi, Thanks for that idea. I could rig up something similar using large plasic buckets with no bottom that are moved around and drop the measured dose into a trough at the required intervals.
I will let you know how I go. Dan