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Hi, I'm new. Any other painters here? Answered

Hi!  My name is Teresa. 
This is my first post here.  Anyone else here paint?  I paint in acrylics mostly. 


i can paint can you draw as well ?

Well, I splatter-paint sometimes, I also draw sometimes too, both digital and traditional, and I'm a pretty big sidewalk art fan too.

I do a little painting, but most of my stuff has been pyrographs (I have in ible on doing that) and sometimes use oil pencils for coloring.

Lots of painters here. I used to paint more than I do these days, acrylics with brush and/or airbrush. Murals, canvas, miniatures...whatever.

Most of my time is spent doing wire sculptures lately.

Welcome to the forums!

Thank you for the welcome!

Wire sculptures, that sounds cool. :)

You should try your hand at it! Although, I should let you know, I'm starting to think they're not worth the time. Or the blisters...especially the blister.

What are you using for wire - rebar? Maybe use some thin leather gloves or better set of tools/pliers to bend the wire. Working with wire is fun, especially when it has 110 volts going through it.

Sorry Tdye84, consider the thread officially hijacked.

I use gloves sometimes but it's a bit too tight for them mostly. It's usually 16-30 gauge galvanized wire. It's the repetition and the long hours of the wire sliding between fingers that cause it, not really the stiffness of the wires.


Hahaha, no worries. Hijacking is where the fun is. ;)