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Hi all! I'm new! Answered

Hiya everyone! I'm new around these parts. I decided to join today (my 27th birthday/ 17 Jan 08), becuase it'll be easier to remember how long I've been a member today. I've been a long time reader and lurker, but now, it's time I started to comment on things! Great to meet everyone!


astrozombies138, I've never had Tiramisu, but I love coffee cake. :D Did anyone see that I asked for help on how to set my Avatar? Trying to figure it out but.. I'm sorta confused.

Warm coffee cake, im pretty sure the word warm won me over in this case.

happy birthday and welcome!

I feel rather stupid but could someone tell me how to change my avatar image? <-- That one?

Click your name at the top right corner. Then beside your empty picture, click modify settings. Now, click change image. You then upload the image you want to upload (there is a spot near the bottom of the green area). It should go to the white box at the top of the green area. If not, and it is the middle box, click and drag it up. That should change it.

Happy birthday, and welcome aboard the DIY train!

DIY train? What, you buy a ticket and get a set of blueprints?

Hmm, DIY would imply you "make / print" one's own ticket, no?

Or perhaps it means you make your the train... Oh, and um... Happy Birthday, and welcome.

Happy birthday!!! And Welcome to Instructables!!!! (the instructable thing is more important) I hope you enjoy the wonderful array of excitement coming from this site. You might want a case of energy drinks, one of those donut shaped rings and a catheter.

Thanks for the welcomes and birthday wishes everyone.. :)

welcome to the land where the soldering iron is sceptre and welding goggles are crowns lol

and welding goggles are crowns

I prefer a full hood myself, but that is just me :-)

tinted safety glasses. with interchangeable lenses for uv protection (against tesla coil mutants)

My arch welder taught me a lot about the realm of intense light for sure.

Happy Birthday, and welcome! Thanks for joining. It's a great place.

Welcome Baran


happy birthday!!!! welcome to this wonderful community

Happy Birthday!!!!

welcome and happy b day

Happy Birthday, Baran, and welcome

Happy B-day! Glad you decided to join us.