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Hi. change 2 channel (joystick) RC transmitter into single dual axis joystick Answered

Hi All, i'm a newbie to electronics, so bare with me!Im trying to connect the two potentiometer joysticks from a two channel RC transmitter into one dual axis joystick. I've tried using a 5k ohm joystick from a playstation controller, this was mainly to try the wiring, but it doesn't work. The finally project (if possible) would ideally use something larger/industrial if possible.any help appreciated


Hi Cameron11888!

Have you achieved you goal? I am thinking about doing a similar project!


Almost all the RC transmitter I have seen use 100K pots because they only use about 1.3 of the range.

To convert you will need a 4 axis joystick that will have 4 pots you can then wire them as they were previously wires as 2 x 2 pot joysticks.

The only sensible way to engineer such a set up might be to glue a linear pot 100K on top of another at 90 deg so you move one north south and the other east west.

The problem i have is i need it really sturdy and with a large grip, this is due to bad hand function.
Are the playstation joysticks not quad axis then?

You will need a 360 degree potentiometer and have you seen this http://www.diyrc.com/servo-rotate.htm

hi thanks, but thats the actual servo. I need the rc controller changed!