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Hi convert 12v signal to 220v? Answered

Hello! I have a 12v signal and want to convert it to 220v, simply open the passage as a switch (progressive) and I have a 220V source, it would be like a relay but progressive.The signal is not always 12v it could be posible?



It is NOT just a matter of finding a bigger transistor, but rather using a different kind of device, called a TRIAC, and also driving that device in a different way. The amount of power that flows through a TRIAC switch is controlled by the timing of the trigger pulses that turn it on.

In contrast to the instructable you mentioned that controls a handful of LEDs using a single transistor
the circuit for generating the trigger pulses for your TRIAC is probably going to be more complicated.  I wish I could point to an easy example of someone who has already built the the thing you want to build, but the links that follow are the closest I could find:



Notice that, for both those circuits I linked to, there is isolation between the high voltage (220 V) circuit,  and the low voltage circuit providing the control signal.  In the first circuit I linked to the isolation is provided by a transformer.  In the second circuit uses optical isolation (via the MOC3021).

Also I discovered a similar question asked to this forum before, and there might be some clues in that discussion too. Here:

1. Optoisolat your PC!! or you may say goodby to it.

2. You should/may be able to drive a standard dimmer circuit from the output signal and replace the traditional pot. This will give you a varying output at 220 volts proportional to the input signal.

Will need a lot of messing with to get it working Mains electricity is deadly! BE WARNED


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Simple inverter.   .   .   A


What do you mean by "progressive"? Like "proportional" maybe? Perhaps you want the 220V load to be 100% on when the input signal is 12V, and maybe 50% on when the input signal is 6V? And also 3V<=>25%, 6V<=>50%, 9V<=>75%, 12V<=>100%, and all points in between.

Like a voltage-controlled dimmer switch?
Or something like that?

Yes Proportional i have a tip32 connected to pc audio and in 12v source i want to make work it to 220v