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Hi everyone, i need good low power amplifier ICs for speaker . Which IC can I choose? Answered

There are requirements about amplifier IC for speaker :
  - Sound quality must be good because I like non-lyrics musics and rock
  - Very low crossover distortion and noise.
  - Low power ( <30W)
  - Output impedance 4
Ω or 8Ω
  - With bass booster
I hope someone will answer ang give me a circuit diagram of this IC ( I need stereo, not mono or bridge )
Finally thanks a lots to people ! ( I'm not good at English, sorry )



which ic has better sounf quality : la4440, tda2822 or upc1185??????

No single IC will cover what you need. So your looking for a schematic for the circuit to build. Do a google search for 30W audio amp with bass boost schematic. Keep in mind stereo is just 2 mono channels together. So build a pair of mono circuits split the audio input between them. Left channel through one and right channel through the other then bring the signals back together at the output. Both should share the same power source. Though you would be better off buying a 30W amp as you'll get better overall quality out of it then building it yourself.

Thanks. If only one requirement is : low crossover distortion , which IC is done

You need to define what you mean by LOW distortion without figures we will all say "yep - it's low."

Your also going to have to consider the ability of the rest of the system to deal with the power.

Is the source distortion free.

Will the impedance of the the source match the amp.

In general ALL ic based amps within their design spec 9see the data sheet) will be low distortion otherwise there would be no point in making them as audio amps.

Does LA4440 has good sound quality, low distortion? What bass boost circuit fit with LA4440?

Google the datasheet and compare specs. Most distortion comes from the speakers themselves. Especially if your are running them at their limit and running the amp at it's limit.

I am thinking "bass boost" can be achieved with some RC, RL, LC, or LCR low-pass filtering. Using 2 separate mono amps some distance apart and with good PCB design and shielding should keep the crossover distortion low. A lot of your requirements comes down to the circuit design and hardware design.