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Hi guys can we charge battery with a 9v solar panel? Answered

Dear Fellas,

I'm wondering if its possible to charge 3 batteries connected in series with 1.5v each rated at 1000mAh each using a solar panel with an output of 9-10volts .223A? Would the batteries burn or not? I have an experiment connecting my 9 v solar panel to the radio which requires only 4.5 volts my observations are as follows:

The radio would work but only during day light. Also my problem is during the night I would have to use a battery. My question is if I would connect in parallel the solar panel to my niMH battery would it charge? Won't it burn the battery since my batteries has a total of 4.5 volts and my voltage input is around 9-10v?

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See my answer to your other question as well -
Put a schottky diode and a 47R resistor in series with the solar cell, then connect to the batteries.  The batteries will regulate the voltage for you so you don't need any other regulation.  The 47R resistor will limit the charging current under the very brightest of conditions and the diode will stop the batteries discharging through the cell overnight.
It is safe to charge NiMh cells at 1/10th (C/10) of their capacity continuously, so your 1000mAH cells can be charged at up to 100mA continuously, although most of the time the panels will be supplying much less than this.

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Keep an eye on them and make sure they don't get too warm and don't let the voltage get too high and you should be fine.

But the thing is my panel can is rated at 9 volts at maximum it could reach as much as 10.4v is there a way to secure the batteries??

What do you mean secure the batteries? If you're worried about the voltage beiing to high you could get a charge controller.

Keep a fan on them and I'm sure they will be fine.