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Hi my name is ... Answered

Hi my name is cutting Matt (get the pun?) i'm tech-king's brother my main interest is modeling.


What kind of modeling ? Like cars (plastic, metal, classic, modern), or rockets, or modeling as in "showing off clothing styles"?

like plastic and wood. he builds scale models of houses for tank battles (we got some r/c tanks last winter)

Cool. You mean from scratch ? I have only done a little of that. I tried the "metal car kits" thing once and wow are they a lot of work LOL He will have to get some instructables together for us :-)

i think hes working on one now, but with wood.

i think he grabbed some scrap wood and built it. hopefully, he will be on later

cool, you have a brother! Older or younger, my older bro is interested in (he makes beats and stuff, for christmas he got a M-audio 40 or something like that and a korg pad, it has 16 buttons and a bunch of dials and whwnever you hit a button it plays a prerecorded sound, like a hand clap or a drum or a voice or something like that

Surely, your user names should be related, like you are? He could be Matt-king. Or even Ma-king.

Ok, lets take your first suggestion and pun it out further LOL

Matt-king-coupe (bad pun of Nat King Cole *sigh* )

You know, like cutting mats? That you use x-acto knives ot rotary cutters on?

ohhhhhh, usually a pun is still on topic, it kinda is, heh

are my puns also that bad? because i was thinking of an instructables on garage doors, like the ups and downs of installing them (get it?)

like a real bun is uhh, well heres one i used on a practive pssa's, the topic was bears and asking Would my family be able to house a bear. I said no and it would be unBEARable

It took me forever to figure out the pun....LOL :D