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Hi people please help me Answered

My names salesh i live in south africa.i recently read on the internet that most people in america dont fix cellphone because for your'll the phones are cheap so your'll just throw it away.so please instead of throwing it away.please send it to me in south africa.my mail address is P.O. BOX 141 shakaskraal 4430.im not begging but instead of throwing it away your'll could just give it to somebody who needs it.thnx in advanced



What you've read on the internet is pretty accurate. Though I find it hard to imagine any part of the western world that doesn't have the same problem. My questions for you are: 1) What conditions do the phones have to be in? 2) what are you going to do with them? 3) are you going to make an instructable out of it?

The phones can be in any condition.as i sed i wil sell then so that more people wil be able to afford then.and i would love to make an instructable out of it

Does South Africa use the same coding system for cell phones? Most of the world uses GSM 1800 or 900 MHz, USA uses any one of 4 different codings at 1900 or 850 MHz (more info here).

There are social programs to re-use cell phones in the USA. Most are limited to emergency contact of the police.

The cost of sending phones starts at $10 postage (minimum, USPS) plus the box.

Are you willing and able to handle the import duties, taxes and fees? Disposal of dead batteries safely?

My questions are ecological.

Does it take more energy to ship it to South Africa than it does to have it remain here and get recycled?
In South Africa, will it be recycled when it reaches the end of its life, or are you just going to throw it away then?