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High Altitude Balloon Answered

Hello guys,
I have recently started working on a high altitude balloon project. I am planing on making a balloon that will go up to 100k ft and while it is travailing up to that altitude it will be snapping pictures and taking videos of the sky. 

I am publishing all the updates related to this project on a project dedicated website www.AggieSpaceProgram.com .
However after i am done i will be also making a very deatailed instructable on it so others may fallow in my foot steps.

I just wanted to share my project with the instructables community, L4I


Well I've heard of a team of MIT students doing something very similar as you want to do. And they managed to get it nearly to the altitude you'd like to reach (only ~8,000 feet under the 100K mark). Here's a link to a PopSci article on it:

How To Take Photos From the Edge of Space For $150

Have you thought of involving other people, something like PongSat?

I am planing to involve a few more people im just waiting till i am a bit further down the project it will take me a bit of time to get everything situated.

However if any one wants to help me out i will not say no =) i still need to make a system to cut down the balloon at 105 ft or at a preprogramed time.At the present time i have no clue how to make one small enough.

Define "small enough" - what size / weight restrictions do you have?

Well i need to keep the balloon under 4lbs but that includes all the tracking equipment, Telemetry, Batteries ( this is where i may have a problem since i dont want to use lipo due to the fact that they may burst if over discharged there for im going with heavier nimh ) and the cameras.

Not really. You can have a 6lb payload or up to a 12lb payload in multiple capsules. Check out my launches at www.TheTalon.SmugMug.com/misc/space

.  I've never been too impressed with anything with "Aggie" in the name*, but that looks like a very interesting project. Good luck.

*Aggie Space Program really is a great name, on so many levels. Woooooo, pig sooie! ;)

lol i can just see the headlines right now.... How many aggies does it take to send a camera to space ?

Cool, thanks.