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High Energy shenanigans Answered

blowin up small fruits with my capacitor bank, and a little look at my homemade plasma globe

hopefully ill add more of a description at some point, feel free to comment and ask questions


 I've been harvesting a crap load of capacitors lately, but mostly smaller ones off of computer motherboards and power supplies and the such, is it possible to make a bank of capacitors (although requiring a lot more solder/wiring work) out of say, a couple thousand smaller caps, or would they not be able to discharge quick enough? I have ONE capacitor the size of the ones you used, but that's just one, not 6 like you have.

my capacitors are pretty slow old things, the bank is 300uF at 3.6KV 2KJ

the only caps you will generally find that are worth the energy they store are mains filter caps ~20J, and photo flash caps ~5J

if you go to walmart you can get 15 or so disposable cameras for free and if you keep doing that thell accumulate, there probably fairly faster then my capacitors too

 Ok heres a question, if you take the roll of film out of a disposable camera, can you turn that in without the camera? But then again the fee of getting the film developed is included in the cost of the camera shell right? That would probably mean paying for the film to be developed.

On the other hand they usually just strip the film out of them and throw the camera body's away anyways, so maybe I should desolder the capacitor out of them before I take them back, no one would be the wiser?

ive never gotten film developed, i think you can ask for them to give you back the caucus of the disposable camera. you could sneak out the capacitor too. might cause trouble when they try to recycle it though

walmart or target should give you 10-20 cameras every time you ask, for free.

im not quite sure if its officially allowed a few times ive been asked for a parent, usually it works

 I'll do that next time I go to a walmart or something around here where they develop film! I'll let ya know how it goes

How IS the plasma globe made?  

that plasma globe is based on a flyback with a burnt out diode, powered by a cfl ballast
like randomapps said its basically a tesla coil, a solid state ferrite cored tesla coil

i might make an instructable but flyback diodes can be quite finicky and flybacks without diodes are a hard find

only a month and a day late with my response

Indeed - that requires an Instructable.

I agree...the other things, anyone can run high amperage through fruits and veggies, etc......but the globe thing looks interesting.

its pretty much a tesla coil verrrry easy to make