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High Output portable power source, possibilities? Answered

I'm designing a large scale robot, and I want a generator of sorts that runs very efficiently for a sustained period of time. It would need to be able to power 13 Large electric motors, 29 smaller electric motors, and run a smorgasbord of electronic systems to control them. Ideas? It needs to portable, long lasting, and be able to take on the demand of everything.                


Model aircraft engine + brushless motor + rectifier = 500W output alternator....

even though 2cycle engines are not green :)

Modern model engines can be 4 strokes

take a capacitor that is of high farad.the more the farad the more time you can keep charge in it.make sure it is of right volts because if the volt needed in your project is more than you capacitors capacity then it will burn out.the less the farad the more amount of voltage capacity.capacitor are likerechargable battery.you can caharge it with defenite volt and use it in your project.it will be portable and can be carried in your pocket too.good luck to your project and dont forget to give a photo of your robot.(i think the robot will be cool.)

Good idea, there are cars that run on capacitor energy.

But you must remember that all those robot electric loads
will discharge the best and largest capacitors much too fast !

If you could get enough farads for long operation
the capacitors would weigh more then the robot !

It depends on how long you want it to last and how much power it will consume. But no matter what I think that the power supply (of whatever source) will need to be on a separate trolley of some sort. However Asimo does carry its power supply on board by the looks of it.

Use an engine powered generator. Probably lighter than any other solution, for a heavy sustained load.


5 years ago

Micro thermonuke power cell. I have the design down and the prototype working but I am keeping it a secret until the world is on the brink of imploding and I will then offer to make it available for 60 percent of all the wealth that is in existence.

What your asking for is the holy grail of all electronic devices. One of the main limiting factors in technology today is power. There is so much we could do if we had a battery that could produce a lot of power for an extremely long time and package it in a small light weight package. If we could produce a power source like the small arch reactor Iron Man uses then we would all be able to make Iron Man Suits and have electric cars with 500+ mile ranges on a single charge.

Before we can even begin to help you find a good power source you need to figure out exactly how much power your system needs and a ruff idea of how long you would like that power source to last under a full load. Chances are your power needs will require a power source that puts your device over weight and not very portable.