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High Quality Leather for a Journal Answered

My friend and I really want to find a leather journal, but so far we've had no success so I thought it might be easier to just make one but for that we need to find some good leather.  I have no idea where to find leather, so any advice will help.  I live in Westerville OH but anywhere near columbus would be good too.  I don't want to have to buy leather off of the internet because then I can't feel it and assess its quality.


You can order many types of leather products from the Tandy Leather Company at:  http://www.tandyleatherfactory.com  They also have several retail stores throughout the USA. Check their website to find the nearest location or order online. I get most of my leather working supplies from them.

I always get my leather from a horse supply store. They always have a wide selection of leather, you can get exactly what you need cut in the proper amounts, and if it's a small mom and pop shop like mine, they'll usually negotiate a price. I've also done hardcover journals in suede which you can also get at an equestrian shop which have turned out quite well. Good luck.