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High Quality rubber band guns Answered

Ok guys, I want to see if I'm all alone on this site in making fine replica (and functioning) rubber band guns. I've posted my most recent, along with all the others I have in my collection. Most are sold (sorry... lol), but I make more all the time by order.

Oh, and by the way for all you gun enthusiasts, the CZ75B and the Beretta 92FS have moving slides that don't hinder the preformance of the pistol. Also, the MP5K has a folding stock, removeable supressor, and removeable clip.


How much do your guns fetch?

Better paint that critter safety orange. A passing cop might take drastic action if he sees you pointing your gun. In one way the ultimate rubber band gun is an old fashioned spear gun. They are a nice tool for bagging a grouper but your neighbors might get a bit tense if they see you stalking about with one.

holy sickness!

IF ANYONE WANTS ME TO PUT AN INSTRUCTABLE FOR THIS, THERE'S ONE CATCH: I cant show an instructable on making one in the process, but I can make pics on the computer that detail exatly what to do, so if you want me to do that, reply so. ps: i can't take pics of the actual process because my band saw blade just shattered (over-loved) and I cant get one anytime soon-to quell some of the negative replies

i have one question ....... i know other member have been bomnbarding you with questions.........but plz answer mine..................... wht is the best type of rubberB ammo for Knex rbgs.

usually the best elastics for knex guns are ones that wont rip them apart if you have alot loaded on. I personally use 1/4" thick 2 1/2" long elastics for my gnasher. by the way, the thicker they are, the more power they will have, but after 10' they lose their accuracy dramatically (ex: broccoli elastics)

thanks for the info are the skinny rope elastics any good? by the way are you also HBF on another acount?

Define skinny rope elastics, if you mean 1/8" or skinnier elastics, they fly well, but don't have alot of power. and no, I am not HBF on another account. I barely have the attention span for this account lol.

the elastics that hurt are anywhere from 1/8" to 1/2" thick. the longer (while put to their max pressure) the better.

yes plese do I want to make one plase do (gets down on knees and begs) please do this

no need to beg, but im going to warn you, they wont be actuall photos dave

my names not dave but ok and why cant you take actual pictures

i told u why... i cant take pics of the process because i cant even make a gun now because i shattered my band saw blade.

yeah, eventually. im taking a hiatus from carpentry for now.

all i want to make is the pistol in pic six

holy christ buddy, one question at a time. first of all, I'm dave. you make a silencer bu drilling a 1/2" hole into the base of a 1 1/2" dowel and make sure about 1" is sticking out from it. then to make a spot to hook the elastics on, hammer in a nail in the top end of the silecer, cut it off about 1/4" in length dave

C:\Documents and Settings\Dave\My Documents\My Pictures\3.bmp

i told u before, i got my trigger kits from a contact in NY. if u live in the states, go to a hobby shop or something. call around first.

If anyone is a fan of the XM8 assault rifle (actually, now it is now commonly known as the M8, since it is no longer a purely experimental rifle) I just finished it and will be posting it soon, although I do not know when- school starts again tomorrow :(


10 years ago

i watn those d egals there made out of wood right also whats the ammo

THE INSTRUCTABLE IS NOW PUBLISHED!: High Quality RBG's... the much awaited instructable now go and post there, not here

Please post an Instructable, I'm dissapointed that you're making these but only showing us how to build guns with K'Nex. L

its hard to post in instructable for each rbg, so I can give u detailed instructions that are actually fairly simple to follow. the only reason im not posting an instructable is becasue it would vary from gun to gun.

do u use the same wheel and trigger system like most wood rbgs?? if so tell me how u use em pllz... or if not can u tell me wat ur using to make these fire or tell us how it all works

if you mean the standard 12-shot cog system on most, then yes, i do, although my contact in NY has stopped answering my emails, so im in a shortage of the parts, so i'm going to start to cut my own from ABS plastic.

whats disappointing about knex guns, his two knex guns are really cool man

It's not what has been posted, but what hasn't. Don't you want to know how to make these guns (above)?


not really, i never liked rbgs that much, but thats just me, all i was that it should not be disappointing that he posts knex guns(it sounded like u where against him posting knex guns)

Imagine walking in the street carrying one of those. The police would put so may holes in you that you'd resemble a Swiss cheese

Dude those are cool. You definetly need to make an Instructable.

the price for the guns varies from model to model, and what you want on it. (incl. paint)

us wants the intructables :D alty BTW: for how much do you sell those?

DUDE you should make a wofkind GATLING GUN that would be hard but awsome

Show me how!

Oh my god, I want of those deagles. Counter Strike Source!