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High Tech Microscopy on a Very Tight Budget Answered

 Among microscopy amateurs there is a long established tradition of grinding lenses and making their own microscopes.
( Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, who is known as the "Father of Microbiology", was a linen-draper by trade with no formal scientific education, yet his skill at making microscopes and his observations won him international recognition.)

 When it comes to non optical microscopy (electron and scanning probe) the idea of making your own microscope at home is more intimidating. Mostly because of the cost and difficulty of getting parts you'll need.

 But it seems that this man,
John D. Alexander from Gilbert, AZ, found a clever way to build a scanning tunneling microscope using cheap and commonly available parts.

  Have a look at his site www.geocities.com/spm_stm/Project.html 
Very interesting.

If someone of you will try to build his own microscope, let us know.



9 years ago

i thought geocities died ?

Fabio M=SMART=

Reply 9 years ago

If you try to access the Geocities homepage, you'll get a message stating that the service is no longer available.  But if you know the URL you can still view these pages (for how long yet?).

 The problem is: The Internet is a great place to share knowledge without barrierers, but what happens when the big corporations that pay for the hosting  decide that the service is no longer profitable?   Valuable information risks disappearing.   Hopefully someone will mirror the most interesting pages.


9 years ago

Very cool!