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High Voltage Flyback Transformer Pinout HELP! Answered

I pulled out a flyback HV transformer from a CRT television set (I DO know of the dangers involved, and I'm VERY careful to discharge all caps and to short out the flyback). 

But the problems is, I have a FB Samsung C31113D.  Very hard to find schematics or specs on.  Rather than fiddling with which pins do what (via battery and multimeter-which I guess I could do), does anyone know of a site that offers pintout schematics for different manufacturers? 

I'm anxious to begin my project on building a Jacob's Ladder.  But without knowing which pins do what, I refuse to tinker.  My life is just too important.

Is there anyone who may be able to help me out here?  Perhaps checking each pin with a battery is the only way to go, but I would like to avoid that if possible.  Also, what waveform does the FB  Transformer put out?  I've heard square wave, and I've heard D.C.  The only thing I have definitely heard is that sine waves tend to result in smoke from the FB.

Thank you!


Here is a trick I use, build a flyback driver and measure the voltage outputs on the pins.

I have a very similar problem :) I salvaged a same configuration flyback from a samsung. I did tinker with it, and I found that the pin on the farthest right, is the ferrite ground, pin 4 is ground. I am going to give it the arc test today, ant I will tell you where the heater and feedback are