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High Voltage shenanigans Answered

i thought it was about time to post these videos ive made so i did! my very first forum post!



8 years ago


Is the very first item in the video, dare I ask, flux?

as i said to lemonie, it took a long time and alot of breeze to get the smell off of that desk (and the scorch marks are on it forever XD)

Ooooohh, let's see some pictures of the scorch marks!

How do you calculate the amount of joules stored in a capacitor bank?

Lol nice stuff! I can't wait to do my high voltage stuff after moving..

woot your moving must be a hassle transferring that workshop of yours cant wait to see another one of your cool hv instructable. i recently got enough capacitors for a 150kv marx generator and have gotten a bit of audio modulation with a 555 flyback (before i blew the chip)

It is a real pain, I had to pick up like a thousand of bits of electronics, componets, equipment, scrap metal, and loads of random stuff, lol It has been 4-6 weeks now, and my stuff is still in boxes :-( Nice work you have done! I think there is a way to do audio modulation with the 555 timer without harming it, but I don't know for sure..

Just a guess, but would a transistor/MOSFET bank do the trick?

V***y (not disclosing name for sample security purposes, but you know of them) has not blacklisted me yet and I've sampled a mind blowing amount of stuff from them in a short amount of time. (I even got some Kv / KA puck diodes from them, 5lbs shipping weight)


8 years ago

I'm at 0:20. Burning CDs. Your doin it wrong.

Nice.  No wonder you have that exhause fan in the window.  Really liked the plasma globes and tha cat.

Wow that was really cool !, loved the cookie and random cat jump hahaha

lol, love the cat jump and the random airsoft gun :P kinda of makes me wanna go back into hv... but its soo expensive and it just smells and kills all nearby electronics :P nice vid!

i love the smell of ozone and so far my only casualties is a 5 dollar dmm(completely my fault) its not expensive at all the trash is your oyster, but i suppose as you get into it you do tend to drop some cash on it and thanks

Your place must stink... Cool stuff. L

that fan in the window during the cat jump vented my room out pretty well. but it took a long time and alot of breeze to get the smell off of that desk (and the scorch marks are on it forever XD)

(I laughed a bit, thanks) You confirmed my suspicions, but some compromises are needed in the advancement of science.
I salute you!