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High-current, electronic sword-fighting, fancy drink pouring, and more @ Makers Local 256 Build Night! Answered

Last weekend, Makers Local held a Build Night event, sponsored by the Instructables team! Armed with Bare Conductive paint pens and a couple of pizzas, we got to making!

The first thing we noticed was that the conductive paint pens were only rated to 12VDC. What happens if we took that higher? (More info can be found here)

One of our members though it would be neat to use the conductive paint to create an electronic sword-fighting game! It turned out really well, and his Instructables write-up was really well-made: check it out here!

Another member designed a system to dispense soda in style! He wrote up an awesome Instructable about his system here.

One final project started as an attempt to make a touch-sensitive piano using the conductive paint, but the piano ended up using aluminum foil due to some inconsistencies in the resistivity of the paint. It still turned out pretty neat!

Below are some pictures from the event! Thanks to Instructables and all who attended!


Bare Conductive

5 years ago

This is great guys! We REALLY wish we could have been there. Both for the Pizza and the campfire.


5 years ago

So great! It looks like you had a lot of fun!! I can't wait to see what your space continues to make :D