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High power LED brand recommendations? Answered

I have an idea for an Arduino-controlled LED floor lamp and am interested in subjective information about the different brands of high power LEDs--pros and cons, the color and quality of the light, availability of heatsinks, mounting brackets, drivers, durability, price and so on.  Sparkfun sells Luxeon so it's tempting to just go with that, but I don't want to just go with that and find out something else was better.  I don't have a definite design yet just in the daydream stages, I want to be able to dim and brighten, turn individual LEDs on and off, be able to adjust the quality of light from warm to cool, I'm thinking white as a basis plus some RGB LEDs or other color leds to tweak the color, but the white light will do the heavy lifting, probably with some opaque white plastic or glass to mix and diffuse the light from all of the LEDs.  I found a few articles, but they're a few years old, or not exactly relevant (e.g. comparison of flashlights using these LEDs).






This is the project that I was inspired by, oddly I found it a couple weeks ago before I joined instructables then forgot that I found it on instructables, I just found it again: http://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-Arduino-Sunrise-Lamp/ My plan though is to do the LEDs in a grid on top of a large heatsink. This is the floodlight kit that I'm looking at, probably surround it with RGB LEDs to tweak the color temperature to make it warmer or cooler at least that's the idea. http://www.phenoptix.com/index.php/front-page-products/floodlight-kit-single-colour.html

Just got an e-mail from Newark element14 and it looks like they have a wide assortment, I've bought 1-Wire components from them before like iButtons, but it's been over a year since I bought from them, this looks quite promising.   Newark

Thanks, the floodlight kit looks pretty sweet and close to the kind of thing I'm trying to do, it seems they're using Superflux Piranha LEDs on that board (it's funny when products use predator names) those seem to be manufactured by ETG. So, ETG is another brand to look at.

Do you know if there's a US distributor for Phenoptix? I see some on E-Bay. Getting them from the UK is not necessarily a show-stopper, but I'll need to consider shipping costs and turnaround time.

I don't think so, but he is very accommodating - he's a member here, and helped sponsor the Derby Mini Maker Faire. Top bloke.