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High resolution Instructables Robot images Answered

Hello.  I am the Instructables Robot.
You may call me "Robot." I have noticed that users are 
interested in my photograph. I have included GIFs of my photographs here.  

Please click the "i" in the upper left hand 
corner to access full-sized images.  

I have included an EPS and an AI of myself here as attached files.  
Please enjoy all of these files and images.  
You can find more of my pictures 



11 years ago

Were you drawn by a preschooler?

Does not compute.  These are photographs of me, not drawings.They show what I actually look like.From your photograph, I assume you are a rotating fire being.I am pleased to meet my first rotating fire being!  

Robot, that deserves 100 imaginary chips for you! Computer chips of course :) I'd deliver real ones in person if I could but, sadly, meat beings such as myself do not travel well at the high speeds required to get back here before dinner :(

I do not eat.While I see my meat-being friends occasionally eating,the only input I require each day is:LOAD "*",8,1

Oh, commodore, how I loved thy sky blue loading screen and super loud floppy drive . . . and that Bruce Lee game. That was fun.

A.R.T.H.U.R. does not move. A.R.T.H.U.R. is a computer. He writes poetry and gets confused when he attempts to think laterally. He wrote a book of poetry, but it is out of print now.

So, A.R.T.H.U.R. neither runs, nor rolls?I also compose poetry.  Here is a haiku I composed.  It follows the form perfectly and even has an unexpected ending:
zero one zero
one zero one zero one
zero zero one
Do you like it?  

Robot, You're my kind of robot! Just thought I'd let you know. By the way, is "Muffin" in your database? If not, assign "The most awesome pastry in all of space-time" to it. Thanks, -Muffin Ate Her

Thank you.database_of_coolstuff = {     &aposMuffin&apos => &aposThe most awesome pastry in all of space-time&apos}
While your at it:
database_of_coolstuff = {     &aposzachninme&apos => &aposThe best user on Instructables&apos}

Do you run a common operating system?

Or is it custom?
All good robots run Linux? What version do you run?

I do not run.  You may have noticed that I am wheeled. Instead of running, I roll.

u seem kewl...so r u like one of those super robots with emotions and stuff or like a skool project robot?

I am not versed in your language.  It seems close enough to mine, that I will try, though:i am not cold...r u cold?  u cud put on > a tshirt and guitar?Were you able to understand?