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High torque solar motor? Answered

I've wanted to do this for ages: build a solar stand for a strawberry planter (or it could be for any other plant) with an extremely low RPM. I'd like it to rotate once every 48 hours so that over time all the sides get equal sun exposure. I'd also like it to be solar powered..... All the motors and kits I find are on hobby sites  and they're tiny little things (plus even the high torque ones  have RPMs above 1). I thought of using a clock mechanism, but there's no way it could handle the weight.... Any ideas where I could find what I need?




3 years ago


I am lloking for a similar item that can turn a lazy suzan where my solar oven sits so that it rotates 180 degrees in 12 hours. I would like to know what you finally came up with as it seems like this is what would work for me as well.

Look forward to hearing from you. wayne@jwwrealty.com Scottsdale, AZ


6 years ago

The motor doesn't need to be a big one and doesn't have to be a low RPM motor. What you need to focus on is what planetary gear set you will need to give you the torque and RPMs you need. As you gear it down to get the 1 full rotation every 48 hours the available torch will increase. You don't want to have the planter spin directly off the motor.

Here is an example of a planetary gear set.

Answer 6 years ago

Thank you... I guess I was overwhelmed by the choices of motors, electronics, solar kits, etc, (of which I know nothing), so it didn't occur to me that the solution was a mechanical one my 6th grader could have answered.... Now I feel like a bit of an idiot, but grateful nonetheless for your help pointing me in the right direction.