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Hitting Enter in PM Subject field sends msg Answered

. Subject says it all. Can you just reject Enters in the Subject fld?


AUGH! My eyes! It buurns!! Oh, did I say that out loud? >smirk< Haha, I second this.

. heehee The one in the back (some kind of Pit-mix; I call her a Pit Lite) is suspicious of strangers, but the biggest danger from the one in front (Australian Cattle Dog) is being licked to death.

Its a little known fact that dog licks can kill up to 1 people every 100 years? Together, we can prevent this. Put peanut butter in your dogs mouth every day, they'll be entertained for a few minutes, and you will save your life.

Have you ever given a small square of fudge to a cat?

chocolate can kill small animals like dogs and cats :-(

Fudge is fine. Funnier, too - pure carnivores aren't equipped to chew sticky stuff.

. Why is that? Dentition? Musculature? Due to my ignorance of the subject, I'm having problems forming a search string that works.

Dentition and mechanics - their teeth are basically a set of scissors, and their jaws cannot move side-side as ours can - cats and dogs bite off lumps that they bolt whole, instead of chewing to mush and then swallowing.

>Folds arms, looks stern, taps foot patiently<

>Eyes well<

You always blame me, and all I ever did was to please you...

Aww... Puppydog eyes and a sobbing woman, two things I could never bear.

. The Achilles' Heel(s) of all males. ;)

What if a sobbing woman with puppy dog eyes offered you a pint?

*starship shakes,red alert* computer:"What if a sobbing woman with puppy dog eyes offered you a pint?" ALERT! me:RAISE SHIELDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crew:shields raised,captain me:now activate the transporters and beam kiteman inside transporter guy on radio:yes sir

>Kiteman gets replaced by light and finds himself aboard the enterprise

how about a litre? LOL or is that pushing it bit ;-)

Hmmm, your wife may think differently on this subject LOL

Hmm, I suppose it depends on who made the fudge....mine always has lots of chocolate in it :-)

Have you ever given cheese to a cat? L

No, have you? Also, whlie I'm at it - did you buy the hat or make it? (It's Soviet-big!) L

Bought it. Gen-oo-ine Soviet Air Force, dated 1989 $25 :D

Blarg, now you're like KJ's protege. I wish I had a mentor.....

*erhem* JAAAKE!!! Will you be my mentor? (NO! NEVER!) okay..... Kitem- (Heavens, no!) okay.....How about- (NO)....okay.....then (NONONONONONOOOO)

...This might take a while.....

Depends. Much time it will take. Willing to learn, are you? ;-)

I can't keep up with your clever punny ways. I would've also tried Caitlinsdad, but he already got Gorillazmiko, and he rejects me because he can't accept the fact that GM got bored of ibles... *breaks down crying*


I didn't know you felt that way. But I need an evil archnemesis.
But No.

*Sad.* You will rue this day caitlinsdad! RUEEEE!!!!

You've got spunk, kid. Have your people call my people and maybe we could do lunch one day...

OK...finish your stalking on other people and then we'll talk business...

Mentor you I will my friend, unstoppable be us we shall.

You can't be my mentor. Superior partner, yes. Mentor, no.

I'd offer, except I'm afraid I left my blast-proof clothes in my other browser.

Sorry, I wouldn't pick you as my mentor. You're more of a rival. Granted, a winning rival....but a rival nonetheless....RS is also a rival...

I know that quite well. I just think it's sad that you equate equals with rivals. ;) Rivals for what?

I dunno, you're winning...I thought you'd have an answer....

Good price. Could do with a jacket to match? L

Very much so. It would probably wind up being a little bit more utilitarian though, for use when riding.

I have fed a cat to a small square of fudge. Poor thing never stood a chance. BTW, that was my Bulldog's name, A Small Square of Fudge......

From the way she wrote that, don't use a trout, it'll get eaten....try an Elven Rope LOL it burns, it burnsessss LOL

lol hippie :-P