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Holder for e-reader for people with arthritis and crampy hands? Answered

Can anyone come up with a way of making it easier to hold an e-reader? After a while the hand I'm using starts to get cramps and I have to stop reading. Older people or those with arthritis will know what I mean.  My reader is a 7-inch Kogan (Australian brand).



You can find an excellent holder for any ereader like Kindle, Nook, at
www.handable.com. Innexpensive and will outlast your ereader. It's called HandAble

Some sort of elastic strap across the back? It would hold the reader against your hand, without having to use any muscle-strength to keep it in your palm.

If I'm reading in bed, I sit up with my reader on my knee, and the font size larger to compensate for distance and tired eyes.

Agreed. I get cramps with my tablet, phone, AND paper books -- Currently my solution is to just use a stand and only interact to change pages.