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Holey Expanded Polystyrene! Weevils are eating my noodles! Answered

And they're eating their way in through the styrofoam cup. I didn't think they could do that.  I thought there was a rule against that, or that they would not like the taste of styrofoam, or something.  And how did they get through the layer of shrink wrap plastic that's wrapped around the styrofoam cup?  I knew you would not believe it either. That's why I took some pictures.

You see?  You see those little evil weevil-sized holes in the side of the cup? See the circular pile of weevil dust on the top of the dried noodles?  I told you it was true.

I really don't mind the taste of weevils in my noodles, but the darned styrofoam cup is not going to hold water with those holes in it.  So I tape over those holes with clear plastic (cellophane?) tape, and now I can put some hot water on those noodles.

The last picture shows the noodles in their hot, wet, state. There is a weevil carcass barely visible, or maybe it is just a shed exoskel (I think they molt) floating on top of that green pea, on the left there.

Edit: I just noticed the finished, empty, cup has dead weevils stuck to the sides, and these are a pretty good example of what weevils and weevil exoskeletons look like, for anyone who has not seen weevils before.


I read once that some species of weevils drill the hard shell of nuts in order to deposit their eggs. I would not be surprised that they dug through the styrofoam to get inside.

at least 1/4 of the world (human) population is infested with parasites.
just imagine all the tiny insects that hide in your fresh fruits and vegetables. everything from fly larvae to slugs.

parasites, parasites, are good for your heart, the more you eat, the more you...


5 years ago

Weevils dust ( excrement )... that is a lot of it.
Do you think they eat in the mix and travel  to the top to clear ?
It is very unnerving to think food stores are invade-able..

BTW  my wife thinks the weevils originated in the sealed cup
and those holes are exit holes. What say you ?

I think I might have a weevil problem.  I have some boxes of macaroni-and-cheese on the same shelf, and I find weevils in those too. Although I never wondered at their ability to find their way into a paperboard box. The holes in styrofoam seemed strange to me for some reason though.

I do not know if the holes in the styrofoam cup are entrance holes or exit holes. I suspect the weevils came from my house.  Then maybe they crawled in through the top, and then exited through the side of the cup, or maybe vice-versa.

It just seemed strange to me that they could tunnel through styrofoam, and I had not seen that before.

Take yourself off the hook. 

We get little weevil like bugs in fine flower after a few months
if we don't process the new bag through the freezer after buying.

Oh yay... sounds like flour beetle larvae.

We ended up getting these tiny carpet beetle/larvae (I suspect we brought them home in some purchases). They don't hurt people or bother our food, but they like all natural fibres like wool, cotton etc, so they'll eat the heck out of clothing if they aren't stored properly. *sigh* They are also a major pain to get rid of, as there isn't very many (thank goodness); all I found was 3 of them so far, and a bunch of clothes with tiny holes in them, and they are as small as a sesame seed, so you have to have a good eye! *double sigh*

I guess if you're hungry enough to eat Weevil soup, it stands to reason the Weevil's were hungry enough to get in there in the first place. Perhaps they did not 'eat' the styrofoam... I imagine you didn't either; but then again, you say you ate Weevil soup. :-P

If it makes you feel better, you should choose to believe I did not actually eat the weevil contaminated noodles, and I just took some pictures of the weevil damage, for the purposes of "show and tell", and assume that I'm just playing with y'all by saying I taped over the holes in the cup, added hot water, and ate the noodles.

I had to choose to believe that... (just to stop the retching). :-P