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I have a Toshiba Satellite 1955-803S. I want to set up a recording studio for voice work. I am an old radio dog but haven't a clue as how to set this up. What will I need to buy, Mikes, cards, cans? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bouche


If you want decent results, the things you'll need to pay most attention to are a decent large diaphram condenser mic, and an equally decent pre-amp to go with it. you could spend anything between $200 and $5000 for each of these. recording/editing software is easy to download for free ('audacity' is popular), but as the other postees have pointed out, you'll need to convert into the digital realm. i've used a pro-tools m-box interface for some years, and it sounds pretty good (it has focus-rite pre-amps built in, which are well regarded), and protools is intuitively straightforward to use.

The Satellite 1955 includes a built-in microphone. All you need is a sound recording program. I believe one is included with Windows.

I ignored that possibility because I didn't picture the scene of "recording studio"+"voice work"+"radio" using only a tiny built-in mic.

First, as Viron said, you'll need to check if your computer has a mic in or line in on it. If not, you'll need to purchase an external sound card. these usually connect via usb. Then, if your sound card/computer's input is 1/8 (as almost all are) you'll need a 1/8 to 1/4 converter plug. (about 1 dollar, available at Radio Shack). After this you can plug pretty much anything you want into it. I usually go from a mic- to an xlr to 1/4 cable. I hope this helps, and that it wasn't too confusing. please ask any questions you may have. P.S. A more expensive alternative to the above steps is to simply buy a microphone that connects via usb.


11 years ago

That laptop might not be able to record audio. I'll assume there's no mic jack on it because you would have seen it, since it would look just like the one on a good old fashioned tape recorder.