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Home Exchange? Answered

Has anyone had any experience with a home exchange for a vacation where home owners swap houses to save on expenses and have a nicer place to stay while on a holiday? Do you know which sites are best, do you know what questions I should ask? 


Great great great question. I've always wanted to do the same!

 No it's not but in case you are interested I did sign up with a place called Global Home Exchange, one reason I picked them was because they listed a few blogs and that gave me confidence in them. It took me a few hours to take the photos and write up all the stuff on my house but I know writing up an instruction book to go with my house in case I do do an exchange is going to take days, how to use the washer, where the grocery store is, doctors names in case of etc, how to even open and close my doors, I am going to start working on it little by little.

Interesting that there are people who feel comfortable considering this. I don't trust people that much -- I know most are honest, but I'm territorial in this regard and I have an admittedly irrational distaste for having strangers on the property.

If I had a vacation home, I would probably feel a bit differently about it... but I'd be more likely to look into a rental scheme than a swap scheme.