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Home Made Chain Mail(le) Armour Answered

Hey everyone, I am relatively new to the site but not at all to making my own things out of my head. Currently my only problem is how to do these things and the biggest of these is currently how to make Chain Mail(le) Armour from wire at home and by hand, with tools of course. My friend and I plan on making some for Halloween/ School Project/ metal forge safety gear. What I really need to know about all of this is how to make the rings, weave them, and seal them together (riveting, welding, etc...) and I was really hoping all of you people could help, what with the fact that you all seem good at this kind of thing. Feel free to leave suggestions for materials, tools, kinds of wire, and anything else you can think of that might be helpful. I plan on posting a full Instructable on doing this when we finish and perfect it, and thanks in advance for any help that is given.


thanks, and just pulling them together is known as "butting" but i was hoping for something like welding it solid with an arc welder or something, that would rock so hard

I've seen someone rivet each link with tiny slivers of copper, some has every other link welded before putting it together, and there is some question if links were soldered together by dipping the whole piece in molten lead and beating the excess off. Jewelers use a type of arc welder to weld chains, but it has to be controlled better than most welders are capable of.

My dad actually used to work with a guy that made chain mail armour, not sure if he played jousting with the guys after work or anything but from what my dad told me he was quite into it.