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Home made "emergency lights Answered

I'm a member of a Shriners riding unit that makes mini firetrucks and ambulances out of go-karts to ride in parades. Strictly for fun. Many of the guys have spent hundreds of dollars to purchase "official" police vehicle lights but I'm thinking I'd rather tinker and make my own. I can probably do more with them this way then be limited to what I could buy commercially. I'd figure that I can get most of what I need in the way of LEDs and such through Radio Scrap or a local equivalent but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a site with some DIY plans on how to do this?


Are you looking for the "gumball machine" lights, or a light bar, or a strobing-box-type light (like on the side on an ambulance, or what? A bit more information might get you more specific information.

Make sure that you check with local regulations-while I doubt that anyone would bother a kid's Shriner parade, flashing lights (particularly red, white, or blue lights, and sometimes green) are often restricted to use on emergency vehicles only, and some jerkwad of a police officer might try to write you up.

Thanks for the tip but I'm a cop, although I like to think not a jerkwad type. lol Emergency lights are not a problem when used in an application such as this. I was looking at making an LED type strobe or even a reasonable facsimile. Sorry, should have elaborated more on that. I've managed to get some tips though so I should be good to go. Thanks for your reply however. I appreciate it.

Pick up some party strobers and paint them red and blue?