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Home page most pop? Answered

What are the criteria to get into the most popukllar box on the home page - my post - geodesic green house rated 4.3 and over 100 views the top of the mort pop box no rating and 311 views ??  Don't get it.



Best Answer 6 years ago

I don't think we're intended to know the exact answer- but if it works the same as the old popular category, it's based on pageviews in about a 24 to 48 hour period. A few of my more popular ibles would go to that column when they had around 2000 views a day (usually right after being featured). My guess is that it's still the same, but I haven't had a recently popular instructable to test that theory.

Actually, looking at it, the criteria are clearly different now and my first response is wrong. It seems much fewer pageviews are needed to reach that category, and yours is ahead of most of them. The only thing further I can think of is that you're prevented from being "popular" until after your instructable is no longer featured and you're still waiting for it to go onto the homepage? Nice instructable, by the way.

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As I seem to have little control over the end result I don't actually care a lot BUY my innate sense of fairness suggests that if there is going to be an apparent hierarchy then the rules should be obvious or published and then adhered to.

It may be I missed the entry for the green house as the list can update fairly quickly - My last instructable on tec drawing made the front page and the most popular list Mmmm still not closer to understanding the rule.

Someone "Featured" it - that's why.


So was mine it was on the home page?? doesn't seem like a satisfactory reason.

The front-page featuring does just that I believe, Kiteman should be able to confirm (for one)



6 years ago

It took a couple of days for my ( Lucky Penny 4 You ) to be placed on the
home page after being featured.


"Most popular" is [probably] measured over a relatively short period (last few minutes/hour?), and based on numbers of, and frequency of, views and comments, not ratings.