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Home pc windows xp is running slow-how can i clean up and speed up my home pc? Answered


First of all defrag your hard disk. next (your not going to like this) get rid of your background. This might not look good ,but it frees up the processor. And install a registry tool like regtool. What can also help is to buy RAM. the more RAM there is the faster your computer will be for certain operations.


7 years ago

Spoken like a true Microsoft customer service representative: Re-install Windows :D

That registry cleaner actually stopped me from doing that - I couldn't install new code until I'd done it.

Defrag the hard disk is a good place to start. Check your antivirus is current and working. Download something like www.regtool.com - my laptop PC was MUCH improved after using this tool - my registry was in a terrible state ! Regtool has a defragger in it too. Steve