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Homebed help. Looking for ideas on how to create this. Answered

Hey all!

I recently stumbled upon a picture of what appeared to be a homebed/ daybed piece. I really want to build one, but don't have the slightest idea on where to start.

Here are some links to the specific bed: 

If the links do not work for you, just search google for "homebed theater" and you will definitely know which picture I am talking about. 

So do any of you DIYers know where to begin on this project, or would like to build and post an instructable?

Thank you!


Many ways to go about this: split a real couch in half and join it when put together, base it off a real bed mattress on a platform. It's easy to build anything to surround your "bed". Something that size may only be some baby crib mattresses put together or a regular bed mattress cut down to size. Layer over with more foam or batting and sew one big cover.