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Homemade Cryolipolysis revisited - is cool plate and vaccum technology instead of ice packs more reliable? Answered

Using the Peltier effect via an aluminum plate, would it be possible to create a homemade cryolipolysis machine?

The method cryolipolysis uses to kill fat cells is this:

The vacuum pulls the adipose tissue away from the body's core along with the surrounding skin folds to prevent the tissue from being warmed by body temperature.
The temperature of the fat cells drops to between -1 degree Celsius and -10 degrees Celsius, triggering pre-programmed cell death.
After one hour of application all of the susceptible cells in the area have been triggered and will die off between two weeks and 3 months later.

I don't want to use something as inaccurate as ice packs, I would like to buy an aluminum plate, attach wiring to one side to utilize the Peltier effect, apply a light vacuum to keep contact, and insert some kind of temperature control per Peltier junction to keep the temperature in the optimum zone. As far as the back of the connections that gets hot, cooling that with circulated anti-freeze or water should be sufficient, but I'm not sure of the best configuration on the plate/vacuum setup. The way the current Zeltiq technology pulls the skin so far away from the body leads me to believe it's not great for any area that doesn't have a lot of excess skin to pull on and I would like to create a shallower cavity that can fit in harder to reach places like the side of the chest under the arm.


I bought the small Mini Freezing Lipolysis with the flat aluminum plate and I love it. No need for the disposable anti-freeze sheet either.


I bought the small Mini Freezing Lipolysis with the flat aluminum plate and I love it. No need for the disposable anti-freeze sheet either.


Sorry to hijack this thread, but in the effort to keep information free and flowing I have instructions on how I made my DIY Coolsculpting device (codenamed FrankenSculptor) here http://makeitbreakitfixit.com/
I also have quite a lot of information ive added to the other instructables thread on this topic: https://www.instructables.com/answers/Anybody-working-on-cryolipolysis/
Enjoy! :)

Maybe you are not aware, but most of this technology is made in China. An easy search on Alibaba.com for Cryolipolysis will lead you to countless suppliers of these machines and parts. To solve your problem in smaller body areas the machine I looked at had 4 interchangeable heads with always 2 attached. There are small ones for triceps or any like you said, up to really large heads, 1 foot across, for the belly for example. The absolute best one was only $4600US and you can find a portable one that uses 1 head at a time only, for about $1700US. (These prices are why you have seen the price per treatment drop from about $1000 to $300 in some cities)
Here are some links and information about model A-38: (best one, professional grade)
Handles: 10*5cm, 15*5cm, 20*5cm, 30*5
1) 10*5cm, 15*5cm, 20*5cm Any 2handles same size or different size can work at same time.
2) 30*5 cm handle work alone.
Price: USD4600/PC (4handles)

Video link for your reference

(Company is pz-aurora.com - but there are MANY others)

Good luck, just buy the portable one for example and save yourself a lot
of difficulty. Liza at the company above assures me it has all the power of the large, floor standing model, but just 1 head at a time, so more time and treatments required.
You may buy additional heads of different sizes as your needs require. (as the larger unit can treat multiple areas simultaneously)

Edmonton, Canada

Drew, dot hese Chinese machines actually work??

Hi, I do not know if they work. There are no reviews. When you check this out on Alibaba there appear to be about a hundred sellers but I suspect there are perhaps a dozen actual manufacturers. You won't get a "satisfaction warranty" from any Chinese supplier. But, based on my two decades buying other items (electronics mostly), they always will honour defective parts and that kind of thing. I am pretty sure you don't want to be a scammer in China - probably means death or disappearance when caught. If I had the extra money I would buy the portable one for personal use with the largest and a smaller heads. That would probably less than $2200 delivered. I hope this helps. And I hope to save enough to get one for Spring - just in time! ;)

also, there's another instructible blog going on building your own.


I would like to hash out the details needed to make my own of any size so I can use it for any area of the body. If I buy one with a small head and spend thousands or buy one with four heads and spend several thousand, I will not actually have the opportunity to make exactly what I need and will pay tons more just to get the machine, and possibly have it break down shortly after.
Also in the other discussion, I believe it boiled down to "Meh, we don't want to spend that much time on this so lets just use ice".

Hi,, I've contacted a couple of these suppliers and I always ask for the number to 3 US references and they never reply.,

I really have just have a few questions for the contact: 1. how long have you had the machine 2. Does it really work, 3. how good is the software, and 4. how is the quality.
i believe that the product should sell itself.

The lack of response is disturbing to say the least.