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Homemade-Hand scrub, extremely cheap, from around the house ingredients, that works for all people? No matter how dirty. Answered

Where can I post a cheap, excellent working hand scrub recipt that works exceptionally well?
Made from household ingredients,Cleans hands no matter how soiled from dirt to grease.


Burf's dry powdered soap sounds as though it will work pretty well. It will take some scrubbing and rinsing for some types of dirt. Frankly, though, commercial orange pumice hand cleaner is hard to beat for convenience, effectiveness, and low cost ($10-15 a gallon; one squirt cleans my hands after changing the oil in my car). Oh, and it smells nice. A few drops of good-quality dishwashing liquid (Dawn esp.) is effective for many types of hand soil.


8 years ago

For a dry powdered soap, grate leftover bits of bath soap into small pieces and dry under the lowest heat setting in an oven.
Mix with borax and cornmeal in the following proportions by weight:
3 parts dried soap
2 parts Borax
1 part corn meal

You mean a recipe, or an advertisement?