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Homemade Holidays Contest Ends on Sunday Answered

The Homemade Holidays Contest ends Sunday night at 11:59 PST. This is the last weekend to get a project in and win some cool prizes from CRAFT: magazine. So whatcha waitin' for? Enter!


Well, I WOULD post, but I have some other things to work on >> (some long-forgotten-by-the-community-but-not-by-me-/-you-guys things)

Well, the projectile cotton candy project was uh... well.. vaporized? After testing the sugar-melter that my cousin and I made from scratch, we realized it got way too hot and actually vaporized the sugar (not so sweet any more X.X). Don't fret, though! The cotton candy gun WILL show up on here, someday =D

And yes, Project X is coming =)

I'm still fairly sure that there's something projectilish about Project X ...

Not know, as such, merely suspect, is all.

'twouldn't be fair to say more, nor half as mysterious.

Hah, who says TV doesn't affect the brain? I typed that whilst the BBC was showing one of its costume dramas ("Lark Rise to Candleford").

Why do people say young grasshopper, my guitar teacher calls me that. :-O And maybe I do know what it means, you'll never know, mwauahaha! And did you see my new Instructable? :-)

There was an old TV Western series, with that guy off DeathRace 2000 as a half-chinese character searching for ... something (his father?). Flashbacks to hi monastic upbringing saw an old blind priest calling him Grasshopper.


10 years ago

Grr... I'm trying to post my very first instructable, but not sure I'm going to make it by midnight. Looks like I'll have to reinstall the camera software on my new Vista laptop.

Okay, good. Last night I made an Instructable, and I was so scared because I thought it ended at Saturday at 11:59 P.M. Yes, time to make something good. :-)

Stop nagging, I entered already!

I did have a couple of other ideas, but I'm rather proud of this one, so I'll save the others for later (one would fit right in with an Easter contest, which is rather early this year, nudge, nudge)

Yours is cool, but I keep forgetting to do it. I only remember when it's too late (a day after the rain or late at night).

Now I really have to think of something fast, a slideshow is a Craft t-shirt, and I'd like an Instructables one! :P Only I've been busy documenting the making of the school play. I've gotten rusty at my editing though, (Final Cut Express) I've forgotten all the shortcuts.