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Homemade Jet Truck with 2700 HP Answered

Jets keep getting added on to other items. Just a few days ago it was a bike and now it's a truck. This combination weighs in at 6,600 pounds with 2 occupants and still takes 8.5 seconds to hit 60 mph, but just think of the looks on other drivers' faces when you fire it up on the highway.

Jet Truck


So the main problem with his design though is that the intake for the jet is blocked by the cab. This engine doesn't get up to full thrust until the intake air is moving at something like 565 mp/h. So the jet isn't producing anywhere near 2700hp. Also, using the engine as a jet propulsion solution is inefficient for a truck, it would be better to connect the engine to the drive train. Jay Leno is making a jet car like that. Similar to how an Abrams Tank works, a 1500 hp jet engine but it's used to turn the drive train, not just spew exhaust out the back.

"Jay Leno is making a jet car like that"
Jay Leno is paying someone to make a car like that for him.


*He paid $10k for this Czechoslovakian built jet engine. I think it runs on Kerosene.


9 years ago

tihis is realy? :P :P too fast dream :)


9 years ago

That's cool but just 60mph? That's all? In my childhood dream I went a lot faster than that. I hope the paragraph at the top is wrong.

Top speed is much more than that. The sentence above is talking about acceleration.

Did I hear him say it burns 1 to 2 gallons per minute!!??!?!??!? : ) thats friggn sweet..


9 years ago

You. Are. A. Genius. So... How much could i buy on of these things for...?

i've heard of some guy getting a jet engine for $65 at an auction

Very cool! And they're not trying to claim the truck can fly or anything. How refreshingly, um, practical :-)