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Homemade Juggling Rings? Answered

Hey folks,

Ive been wondering... I'm a juggler, and in addition to the props that I've bought, I have made my own balls and clubs. I've never seen instructions for homemade rings, however, and these are the only other props that I want to use that I can make at home (unless someone can show me how to make juggling knives...)

So anyways, that's pretty well it. How do you go about making you own juggling rings.





Best Answer 8 years ago

Ringed, plastic tubing is available in several product, and could befilled with something to create more weight. For anexample: my wife gets these cheap shower caps. When theyfall apart, the stabilizer ring (around the edge) is normallyintact. It is a thin tube that has a spacer-like attachment thatjoins the ends. If the tube needs to be thicker. I am sure thereare other products out there that use the same type of material to <em>flare out</em> or hold out to hold the shape of, whatever. <div id="refHTML"> </div>

Haven't played with 'em... Are they flat, or do they have a rounded cross-section?

If flat: I'd consider fiberboard rather than corrugated cardboard, for the weight.. Still might not be a bad idea to tape the edges.

If rounded... Have you tried a swimming pool supply store? I've seen rubber rings sold as pool toys...

Their flat. I may look into fiberboard, and I'd be sure to tape it allup. Thanks!

Would circles cut from corrugated card suffice?

maybe cover them with duct tape to prevent paper-cuts?

I've considered that - I think they may end up being thicker than usual, and the professional ones are solid plastic, so cardboard ones may end up weighing significantly less than normal. I may just go for it anyways, though. We will see.

try putting metal washers periodically on both sides in the same placeto even out the weight. that's essentially what they do whenprofessionally making javelins, just with precisely sized chunks oflead. it'll also guarantee a much more even spin and stop them fromgoing nuts in midair like doing it with cardboard disks would. trust me,i've ahd experience with cardboard disks and trying to juggle them, sothis is the advice of someone who's slightly nuts but knows whatthey're doing.<br />