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Homemade MINI Particle Accelerator? Answered

Hello!  I'm working on a homemade mini particle accelerator from stuff in like hardware stores and thrift stores. I was wondering if someone could give me a definition of a particle accelerator and their hazzards? Also the only thing that I would need to buy off eBay is a some sort of detector for electrons. Heres a list of supplies: concrete, CRT Monitor, wood, lots of thin copper wire (for the electromagnets), a electron detector, and a power supply. It would be a circular accelerator too. Any ideas or info is welcome! PM me or just comment below!


Why not atsrt with something that is possible on a real budget and make a cloud chamber - It may well show you some of the things you actually want to see anyway with little danger.


thanks! looks neat! just wondering do u need dry ice or can u use just ice?

You are going to need some form of vacuum pump to create a fairly decent level of vacuum. Your mum's hoover or dyson is not sufficient; we are talking industrial strength equipment here.

what would a particle accellerator do to 6 grams of peladium mixed with weapons grade uranium aka 235? just an innocent question :)

Most likely the mix would go boom, so basically a particle accelerator… is a glorified nuclear bomb igniter.

Hazard: Radiation. Think X-ray machine. When the particles (electrons in that case) hit a target, their energy is converted into ionizing radiation, which can be seriously dangerous. If you have to ask, you have no business trying this without supervision by someone who knows the risks.

I was just reading on particle accelerators and if it is allowed to hit metal it makes x-rays that can pass through a yard of steel!

There's a reason that CRTs are made with lead glass and very thick on the viewing end.

And there's a reason your parents told you not to sit too close to the color TV. There *was* a time when doing so too often could add up to a noticable amount of radiation.

Your home accelerator, if you could build one, won't create X-rays that will pass through a yard of steel. They will, however, pass through you and do some damage in the process.

You really, REALLY want to learn a lot more more about what you're playing with before you tackle this. For everyone else's safety, if not your own.

Ummmm...just out of curiosity, if you don't know what a particle accelerator *is*, how exactly do you intend to design and build one? And if you want to know what a particle accelerator is, why haven't you typed "particle accelerator" into the search box for either Google or Wikipedia?

I guess I kinda knew what one was, just wanted info how on its hazzards.

plz do more research as many people have mentioned earlier accelerating electrons to such high speed will cause the electrons to emit virtual photons in the form of x-rays, it my sound cool and it is but cancer isnt a cool thing, im not trying to tell u not to do this im sixteen and i have done alot of this stuff. im just saying it take ALOT of research before u can say "hmmm... ! hey i want to make a particle accelerator. " k BE safe

Why not just a linear accelerator? All you need is a Van de Graaff generator to power the thing. By the way, how's you're accelerator going?