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Homemade Recumbents Answered

Why are there not more instructables about building homemade recumbent bicycles? I was only able to find 2 and one was not the type of recumbent bike I'm looking to build, the other had minimal pictures and text to describe the bike. I know more people have built/tried to build them so lets see some instructables about it!



6 years ago

DUDE< there is an endless (almost) supply of photos on Flickr. From crappy no weld to custom trikes..... these are 2 of my favorites...........http://www.flickr.com/photos/purplepeople/2947426448/in/faves-mronrust/..................http://www.flickr.com/photos/rickunger/112179838/in/faves-mronrust/


check out http://forum.atomiczombie.com/ they have plans and pics of just about any style bike you may want to build. The people on the forum are very helpful

I also like www.recycledrecumbent.com , but for other ideas check out www.bentmike.com , which is my site. I now have about 8000 miles on my homebuilt .


9 years ago

You could try www.recycledrecumbent.com I just finished a bike from his plans. All free on the web. Plan calls for using two bikes and cutting them up and welding them together. Try it. I like Brad Graham's designs and will be building one of his trikes soon, maybe both a delta and a tadpole. That's delta: 2 wheels in back, and tadpole: 2 wheels in front.


10 years ago

I've asked myself the same question, so I just added one: https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-long-wheelbase-low-racer-recumbent-bicycle/

I would prefer to have added more photos of the actual construction, but to be perfectly honest, I have limited project time and prefer to build and ride over document the process and not complete the project.

This type of bike is very uncommon, which is why I did my best to document it. There are plenty of short wheelbase bents and trike plans on the net. Google for 'home built bikes' or 'human powered vehicles' if you haven't already. If you are up for a fun read, find Atomic Zombies Bicycle Builder's Bonanza by Brad Graham. It has enough start to finish projects to get you going.

I'm willing to explain my design further or take specific photos and measurements if you like. I might be a little slow to get it done, but I won't ignore you.

Good luck!

What kind are you expecting?

I mean, describe how you want it, or show some pictures that relate to what you're looking for.