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Homemade electric oil diffuser for a popular feline pheromone... Is this option possible? Answered

I am wondering if it is possible to construct an electric oil diffuser for a popular feline pheromone that creates a calm environment for cats.

The current price on one of the those dispensers is upwards of $35, but the pheromone oil itself is much cheaper.
I am in need of at least two more, which will end up being pretty pricey. 

I am at a complete loss on how to construct one, as well as knowing about the inner mechanics of an electric (plug-in) oil diffuser.
I can however, follow any advice or instruction on how to build one. 

I have heard of using reeds with essential oils, but could it work with the cat pheromone? Would this even be logical considering my cats will probably knock it over?

Anything helps, thanks!




5 years ago

I have seen similar devices using the wicking capillary action to disperse the oil scent with the plug acting only as a mechanical hanger and the electrical connection being a complete Sham !

The other possibility is a very small thermal heater being used to evaporate the oil into the surrounding atmosphere.


I am assuming it is the second, but I could be wrong. I forgot to mention the dispenser itself should be replaced every 6 months.
Thanks for the information! Any more help would be greatly appreciated!

Taking a simple picture with the iPhone screen camera will show a thermal signature if there is one to see.

Can you do this ?


How is this picture? I can get another if you would like to see more.

photo (12).JPG

The iPhone face time cameraas  opposed to the main front one
is Not IR light shielded ie filtered.

So, If this was taken with the screen side camera, I do not see any
hating radiation emanating from your diffuser.

You could always test the electric theory by unplugging that $35 unit and
letting it stand in a similar location and observe you cat.

This works well and is based on a project we did at school to teach tool skills and accuracy.
The box is wood and glued edge to edge so no complex joints.

The motor is a cheap toy motor (a few pence to buy) and a battery box for power.

The essential oil is put on a cotton make-up cleansing pad on the top shelf and the propeller blows a gentle stream of air past it distributing the scent round the room.

You can use plywood and paint it or use a decorative wood. if you like.


Thank you for your detailed response! This looks like it would work extremely well/be the most cost effective route.

Do you know if I would I have to continuously reapply the oils on a daily basis?

The Feliway pheromone container is to be replaced every 30 days, but that is probably because of the type of dispenser it is in... is that correct?

Perhaps there is some way that I can mod what you gave me in order to make the oils last as long as possible. I really appreciate the response! Thank you!

Yes eventually the oil will evaporate so as with anything like this you have to re apply.

You could put a shallow tray or tin on the shelf and fill with more of the scent. that way it takes longer. Rate of evaporation could be controlled by putting holes in a tin lid the adjusting the number of uncovered holes to get the result you want.