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Homemade epoxy alternative? Answered

Hey all, I need epoxt for many reasons, and for many reasons I cannon get/use it. So I am wondering... Does anyone know of a good homemade solution that is comparable to epoxy? It needs to harden to a really solid finish. Thanks!


Superglue? :S I accidentally got some superglue on my desk, been impossible to take off ever since.

holding things together. Repairing a broken piece of PVC, to be exact.

melted rubber-bands work nice (i use snapped #64s i have about 1 pound.

Never would have thought of that. Ive got it sorted out now though.

DISCLAIMER: If the PVC you're trying to fix breaks in two after applying it, and something horrible happens to you/your family/your guinea pig/your house, I am in NO way responsible. :D

Super glue is not a good bet. It has good tensile strength but sheer strength isn't worth a damn

i have a friend that makes (flying, with remote) airplanes, and epoxy is necessary for it. he doesn't have any, and his parents won't let him buy some, so he uses melted bands. i actually give him the bands. i give him my torn #64s and #32s. you should try it if you haven't figured something out yet.

Try UHU Glue Tube.

hot glue works but you have to smooth it out after you put it on