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Homemade hang drum? Answered

I can't get empty used propane tank. Hardly and rarely someone uses it in estonia.
So I was thinking to use pot from homedepot.  I have no idea what else I can use.
Any ideas someone?  I think that right types of metal gives right sound.  


I built an instrument similar to a hank drum. I used two discs from a tiller tractor. They were concave like a shallow dish. I cut tongue shapes to make the notes like on a hank drum and then welded the two discs together in a UFO shape. The tiller discs were made of case hardened steel so they have a better sound.

I have also used disposable helium and freon tanks. They are thinner and produce higher pitches, but they will give you cool sounds.

Another source of tanks is broken mid-sized air compressors, A/C compressors and water pump tanks. Don't just look for traditional round tanks. I've built cool tongued instruments from fuel tanks, ammunition cans and metal kegs. The main thing is the metal- thin enough to cut but thick enough not to bend easily. Use your imagination and keep your eyes on the trash and you'll find something.

I know about hank drum and how to.

Problem is what to use instead of propane tank. Hank drum can be build without special tools and lots of money.

My misreading.

You need something with relatively thick metal, so some sort of pressurised vessel. Maybe an old fire extinguisher?

Hmmm, similar to steel drums. Look up "steel drums", the Caribbean islands instrument. They have student size ones that are lap size which you can fashion out of large steel pots, small industrial steel drum containers, etc. Good luck.