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Homemade submersible pump - white smoke Answered


I posted this topic: https://www.instructables.com/community/Outdoor-water-fountainhow-to-silence-homemade-p/ and both repliers suggested that I get a submersible pump. Being in Egypt, I can't find one unless I pay ridiculous amounts of money.

So, I made one using a handhelp air blower. 

It works, it gets the water up to the 10-12 feet easily. It is waterproof. No leaks. (There was a small leak before revising, but now none)

I've only had it on for a max of 30 seconds for testing. At about 30 seconds, when I pull it out, the box is filled with white smoke. Smells almost like electrical burn but not quite. What would be the causes of this?

Is the water too much strain on the motor to turn?

Is there maybe some water droplets that were just burning off?

Is my pvc pipe enough ventilation for the motor as it does get hot, but I don't know how hot is too hot?

Could I use a dimmer switch to turn the motor down some, would that not put so much strain on the motor instead of having it at full speed?

Sorry for so many questions.



WAAAAAAYY too much load for that little motor. Think about it: its being asked to move something around 1000 times more dense !

Heh, yeah. I burned the motor up. All the insulators and lead wire insulation melted. Lesson learned.

Water and electricity do not mix! Your home made pump may not leak but it is not designed to work safely with water.

It's probably water getting on hot parts, or into connections, and getting turned into steam.