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Homepage changes Answered

I am getting annoyed by all these new "fixes" to the layout on this site. I really wish it would go back to the 2 column layout with featured on one side and popular on the other. Look so much cleaner and nicer.



8 years ago

I don't have time to use Instructables like before if this layout stays (and I will not extend my membership). I always use the browse function to look for new instructables. If I have to do that separately for every category, it just isn't worth the bother. I generally dislike layout changes, but when _functions_ disappear, it's much worse... Contents over layout, every time!

You don't. You can put the global "RECENT" browser into the Shortcuts tab in your profile. Or, you can bookmark the direct URL.

Hello! Thank you for this tip! I finally figured out how to do it... (Couldn't find the setting you mentioned). I'm very glad this was possible! Have a great day! Best regards, tome

I like the old layout much better too. An "All" link on the homepage would be nice for those of us that just like to browse.

Thanks for the quick turn-around on the vertical separation of the category and the Cards! Looks like it shifted the background image out from under the Home-Item-Control divs, though. Nitpick nitpick. So much time and so little to do :) Verdict: new layout still great.

I really love the new layout. Way better than the previous one, and perhaps even than the one before that. <3

I'm with you. The new layout is an order of magnitude better than the previous one. My only quibble is that the main section takes up a little more vertical space than seems necessary, but that's just my personal aesthetic. If there were a way to give thumbs on this site, this would be a big thumbs-up.


8 years ago

Actually, I was just getting used to the new one with one column.

So was I, but then I just logged on, and thought not again... :)

Well now I kind of see the point. Before, a max of 10-15 instructables got front page featured each day. You used to be able to get front page featured, channel featured, and category featured. Now, I think front page and channel featured are the same thing, so they will be able to get more 'ibles filtering through the front page then ever before.

Good points,

But what is the advantage of a front page feature if everything gets front page featured? (except ofcourse the 3 month pro)

I agree that use of channels should be encouraged (although I don't really use them myself)

But I think the frontpage is to clusterd now with small screens Ofcourse the team has to experiment otherwise they'll never improve but I think perhaps we should go the middle way with this.

Perhaps a middle size of ible space between the before and after frontpage update. And channel features on the frontpage but all the way to the bottom? (so that front page featuring keeps it's meaning)

Just suggestions. I don't really like the current front page it's to clusterd and I can't find anything that easy anymore...

Yeah, I never use channels or categories, but I guess this is encouraging the use.

I see the point now too. It seems a lot more organized. Also there is a lot more ibles on the home page. AI

I really like the new layout (with a few design quibbles)*. It seems much more "top-down functionality" based instead of "content blitz" based. The similarity gap to Etsy is narrowing slowly.

*Design quibbles based on my initial gut reaction "whoa new site layout" are:
  • The visual connection between the lefthand column of categories and the featured Ibles in the main area is lacking due to the full-height vertical break.
  • The vertical orientation of the lefthand column categories seems just barely too high relative to the row of corresponding Ibles. This added to my initial visual confusion. Perhaps make the top of the orange category text level with the top of the Ible Cards (unless that's what it is). Just a few pixels down would help, imho.
  • Ibles with very long titles force the Cards to use four lines of text, which bumps the bottom of that specific card down, making it stick out below the rest of the row. Perhaps limit the text to three lines for consistent height of Cards, or make all of the Cards in the row adjust to the new height.
After more thought and noticing:
  • The list of contests under the Featured column on the left looks weird with multiple-line text and no indentation. I like the orange highlight as the image changes.
  • I don't find the need or desire to see Ibles made by Pro members merely because they are Pro members. Also unclear on what the Pro Ible feed exactly is... Is it all Pro submissions? Is it Pro submissions that got featured?

Thanks for the improvements, guys! Glad to see our Pro membership $$ at work. Will comment as comments arise.

sidenote: I'm using Chrome with a full-screen 1600 x 1200 resolution.

Also, I think some of the intial visual confusion was due to the dotted lines between "see more" and "subscribe" in the left column and the dotted lines between the rows of Cards being offset. It just made my brain go "are these related? are they supposed to match? are they ok with eating bacon?"

Maybe they realised a lot of people didn't like the old layout (I liked it!) . Maybe they wanted to increase forum traffic, so changed it giving people something to complain about :D

Increasing forum traffic -- someone finally figures it out!

Seriously though, you should change the name from "community" to forums, as it isn't obvious there even is a forum. For a site as big as this, the forums are pretty dead :D

I liked the 2 column layout better too. I found my instructables stayed on the front page longer and got more views when it was laid out like that :D


8 years ago

its nice, but its not friendly to widescreens. i have a 1080p screen (1920x1080) and the homepage is in one narrow column in the middle of the screen. i liked it better when it stretched across the screen.

I wonder what the aim of the constant mucking around is ? Or is mucking around the aim ?