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Homestuck Albums Answered

I know this is not something that I usually do, but I have decided to create albums for the original kids from Homestuck: John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider, and Jade Harley.  Explanations of the songs picked will be noted, and I will try and get the running times of each album.  Each album has six tracks, with extended versions of songs when possible, so I'd say these are Deluxe EP (extended playtime) Singles.  I may try to cut down the running time and make LP (limited playtime) singles another time, and also, don't hold me to it, do soundtracks for some of my favorite trolls.

(Note: you don't have to appreciate, understand, or have read Homestuck to enjoy this; as all the songs center around a character, to some extent, they center around a theme.  Enjoy!)

Without further ado, DarkOwlKnex productions proudly presents its first four Deluxe EP singles.

(Disclaimer: I don't own any of these songs; these are just some of my favorites that I feel fit the lives of the characters.  All rights go to the original artist and record company.)

The Windy Thing: The Tale of John Egbert
1. Blue Monday (12" Version) - New Order (John's Home Life Theme)
2. Procession (12" Version) - New Order (John's 'Physical' Death Theme)
3. Ride The Wild Wind (Hybrid Extended Version; Fan Made Mix) - Queen (John, The Heir of Breath)
4. Hammer To Fall (Headbangers 12" Mix) - Queen (John's Strife Specibus: The Hammer) 
5. Lullaby - The Cure (John and Vriska's Theme)
6. High (Extended Version) - The Cure (John's Ascent to God Tier; John and Jade's Brotherly/Sisterly Love Theme)

GrimDark: The Tale of Rose Lalonde
1. Vicious Streak - New Order (Rose's Home Life Theme; The One-Upping-War Against Her 'Mother.')
2. Procession - Queen/Traditional Arrangement (Rose's 'Physical' Death Theme)
3. The Prophet's Song - Queen (Rose, The Seer of Light; Rose and Doc Scratch's Theme)
4. Twenty Four Hours - Joy Division (Rose's Destiny)
5.  The March Of The Black Queen (Deep Cuts Version) -  Queen (Rose's Rampage)
6. She's Lost Control (12" Version) - Joy Division (Rose Goes GrimDark)

Cool Kid: The Tale of Dave Strider
1. Airheads - Roger Taylor (Dave, The Cool Kid; Dave's Home Life Theme)
2. Ceremony (Original Version) - New Order (Dave's 'Physical' Death Theme)
3. Time - Freddie Mercury (Dave, The Knight Of Time)
4. Two Sharp Pencils (Get Bad) - Roger Taylor (Dave's Ironic Humor; Dave and Terezi's Theme)
5. Synchronicity (Part One) - The Police (Dave's Time Hijinks)
6. Synchronicity (Part Two) - The Police (Dave's Time Hijinks... Revisited)

Squiddles: The Tale of Jade Harley
1. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da - The Police (Jade's Home Life Theme; Jade, The Silly, Creative Girl)
2. Ceremony (Alternate Version) - New Order (Jade's 'Physical' Death Theme)
3. Killing Time - Roger Taylor (Jade, The Witch Of Space)
4. Dreams Never End - New Order (Jade's Dreams)
5. A Winter's Tale (Fickle Mix; Fan Made Extended Version) - Queen (Jade's World In The Medium)
6. Beautiful Dreams - Roger Taylor (Jade's Dreams... Revisited)

That's it!  Again, all rights go to the original artist and their record company/copyright holder.

I hope that you enjoyed, and since I'm assuming that you didn't listen to all of the Deluxe EP's, I encourage you to come back and listen to them all when you have the time.



Hmm, I couldn't help but think that the Grimdark section could use more Andre W.K.
Andrew's "Get Ready To Die" could fit Rose's Rampage

(I hope this text goes under the Andrew video, if not, then please excuse me)
I don't know what 'Rose goes grimdark' means, but the chorus lyrics of Converge's 'Dark Horse' could fit within that theme. 
The dark horse will one day come
To free the light from all of us
One day the dark horse will come

Plus it's an awesome song ;p

Ah, yes... Rose, in Homestuck, sort of gets her powers from dark, mysterious gods, and at one point, she just snaps, and her skin just starts shooting black flame, and she speaks some weird latin, ancient sounding tongue, and yeah... it's pretty badass.

I'll think about adding the first one, but if Rose is connected to any animal, it would be a cat, not a horse, so yeah. :3 (Also, one of the line's within She's Lost Control 12" says: I used to live a little with the myth and the lies (Dark Gods), but when the Darkness came in, I just broke down and cried (She goes Grimdark). It is simply just too perfect to not be used. :L

I have to do stuff now, but when I get back, I'll listen to that Andrew W.K. song and consider adding it (He makes music?)

Okay. I don't really know anything of Homestuck, so I just went by the themes that you added.
As for the converge song, I added it, with the 'dark horse' being some sort of metaphor for Rose.
Those lyrics from She's Lost Control do sound good, you're right :D

You shall listen to all of the EP's, Honey Hooves, this instant! :3

I see what you're saying with the 'Dark Horse' metaphor, but again, that Joy Division song is too good to not be used. :3

I think that I will probably use the Andrew W.K. song, but not in GrimDark; I think that I'm going to make albums for the trolls and that will be on one of them, presumably Gamzee's album, which I will call "HONK!" 

I am always open to your suggestions, and if it's possible, maybe we could collaborate on compilations. We could make one about MLP, one about the trolls, etc.  That would be wicked cool. :3 

I shall do whatever that pleases you, my master
You're right about the Joy Devision song.
And okay :)  (I didn't really have something else to say about the usage of Andrew's song :p)

We indeed could collaborate on albums for MLP, trolls and stuff, would be cool indeed :)

Excellent, my young apprentice.

Is it possible to collaborate on a forum topic? If not, I suppose that we could make it a collaboration instructable. Once I know the answer, we shall create an instructable for the Ponys' theme songs!!! :D I have only like one song in mind that could sort of fit, but maybe if you explain all of the Ponies to me, I could think of more. :3

Tell me what you want, and I'll do it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I don't know if you can collab on a forum, but we could always do a slideshow for it.
For which one do you have a song in mind? I'll explain the characters of them in a PM.

Ah, that one, yes, I know it. (I had that game on my ipod for a while). It could fit one of them, not sure though.
When I'm finished doing whatever I'm doing right now, I'll give you the info on the ponies in a PM