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Homework question - Philippe Petit's knees Answered

#2 Son is doing a short talk at school on Philippe Petit, the Frenchman that tightrope-walked between the Twin Towers.

He has plenty of information, except he has found several references to a move Petit did called "knee salutes".  He would like to do one in front of the class, but we can't find an image or description of the move.

Anybody know?

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Isn't that when he kneels down on the rope, like a fencer lunging.

Here you are. He balanced on one knee while saluting. Original article can be found here http://www.thevastpictureshow.com/2008/09/review-man-on-wire-45.html

Interesting question.
It's a "knee salute", I think it may have been a "trademark" as the 'net points back to him on that.
I'll say it's a raised-knee, but I couldn't find an image.


Although I could find this knee-picture


I was thinking more this, without the fancy hands.


Have a look at the video - 'Man On Wire' - and see if you can get any ideas of this 'knee salute'


8 years ago

This is a "knee salute" although I didn't know there was a name for it. I recall having seen tightrope walkers assume the pose, with their balance bar across their out stretched arms.

I'd imagine it's similar to a slacklining move we do. One knee touches the line, the front foot stays flat.