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Honda Rebels.... Answered

Hey, my Instructables friends I have been really looking into getting an 09 Honda rebel and I was wondering what I could do to improve efficiency, comfort, etc. There were no Instructables on this matter. Any and all ideas are appreciated, including solar power, led lights, whatever.


Check out the "Scooter Trash Community". A lot of the members have experience with improving bikes.

Honda Rebels are well-made machines. The style bothers me a bit (but I'm a "set-in-my-ways" traditionalist). As far as efficiency, I'd leave it pretty much as-is. I hate modifying brand-new machines. Once it's 5 or 6 years old, and things have started to wear out, then I might change some stuff. Different exhaust, plugs, and air-filter are the only sensible/practical mods on a bike like that. If money is no objec, the sky's the limit. But if money's no object, I'd probably get something other than a Rebel. THe only things I'd consider changing (on a new bike) would be comfort issues. You can get better seats, highway bars/pegs, different hand-grips, a windshield, saddlebags, and different shocks.