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Honda xr2600 power washer Answered

I have a Honda XR2600 power washer.  The problem that I have is the engine stops running after a few minutes while spraying. Installed a new spark plug. A new gas cap. Put in fresh fuel. I can use the power washer for only a few minutes and the engine will stop.  Any help appreciated.  


The oil alert will cut the engine when low on oil, just like you discribe.

Read your exemplary starter motor renovation..

honda makes the engine, not the whole unit.

Does the unit stop suddenly or stutters and then dies out?

as liquidhandwash implies, Check your oil and make sure it's at the correct level. From the pictures I can see on the internet, the dipstick/fill cap is located down low on the engine, make sure the oil is up to the top of the threads (just about going to dribble out if you remove the oil cap).

What did your sparkplug look like? black might suggest a clogged air filter, oily black might be burning oil, light brown colour would be good.

Good call on replacing the fuel cap, it does sound like a starvation issue. If the fuel is low enough and won't splash out while running, try running it without the fuel cap to eliminate that part. If there is no fuel in the fuel tank, you can remove the hose off the bottom and there might be a fuel filter inserted into the plastic nipple on the bottom of the tank, make sure its clean. After that, it goes to a fuel pump. These don't usually fail, but make sure the hoses are in good condition. I don't think to much can go wrong is those carburators, but if you're feeling adventurous, you could remove it and give it a cleaning. Maybe the needle and seat have something restricting the flow. I don't think the floats are adjustable in those, so that shouldn't be a problem.

So my first two ideas are make sure the oil level is correct and then check the fuel filter in the bottom of the tank by removing the hose off the bottom and checking the filter. Let us know how it goes.


1 year ago

Do you smell starved or flooded fuel at stop ?

How soon after stopped can you start again ?