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Honey Bee Hive Box Joints Template Answered

Do any of you woodworking wizards or experts know how to make a box joint template. I need to replace many of my Honey Bee Hive Supers (boxes) due to Bears, time & weather. The wood is pine and about seven-eighths thick , five and three quarters tall or high, twenty inches long for the front and back, the sides are sixteen and one quarter long by five and three quarters tall or high. This forms a box that holds ten extracting frames for the honey in combs. It weighs forty pounds when full of honey comb wax and honey. I like this size because it doesn't brake your back like the standard one that weigh in at eighty pounds when full! Although I use both sizes. Any ideas how to make this template will be deeply appreciated. I also have a multiple dado blade setup, so I can cut a pretty wide dado at one pass on the table saw. Thanks. Triumphman.


This may be a bit late, but here is my 2-cents. When I build my supers I use half-lap joints. When I first started out I used box joints, they are very tough to set up, but if you make a jig for it, and get it right DO NOT take it off the miter guide!!! You will not get it back to the right setting, without HOURS of work and lots of scrap wood. I found out the hard way. What I do now is half-lap joints. I put a dado on the short sides, the long sides are 1 board thickness less than if your making box joints. Glue and nail the joints. I have built a jig for the assembly using 8 corner clamps. Once they are nailed you can unclamp them. I use air nailers. This method is faster to make and strong too.

ok here gos, my grandpa when he was a boy over in germany before and into the war helped "stulfus" a person who owned some bees ( you can find this person in some bee books, the name i have given you is probley not spelled right ok)and anyways the way he had it setup was, he had a box 4 or 5 bee boxes high, insted of lifting the boxes off, he had a door on the back, with a window in it, so he could watch the bees, the most important thing was the spaceing between the glass or they would cover it, the boxes where insulated with wood shaveings, simple enough, but you still would have to do some designing,i have already thought it over, i'll see about pictures to help you, just think it over a little loneger before you ask me agian

your already set to go, just use your head a little, you'll figure it out, here some of me advice since your makeing your own boxes just make the cuts in the box like the other ones, just use your head! there another bee box design, its like haveing all your boxes stacked then there a door on the back, you open your door and you can get to work, my grand pa told me about this a while ago, you dont have to lift heavy boxes

What are you talking about, I can't make head or tales about what you are saying. Can you explain! How about a drawing or picture? Thanks.

If you could post a photo of the existing joints, and let people know what tools you have available, they may be more able to help.

See my attached photo of box finger joints. Did I mention a table saw and dado blades in my script?